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Chalestra seeks contracts and sub-contracts

Contracts and sub-contracts – how we work

Identifying and taking on contacts is the core of our income from software development.

We’re as happy taking on new contracts as we are taking on sub-contracts.


When we take on a new contract, we work very closely with you, our customer, and often act in an advisory capacity where it benefits you.

Most of our customers are not comfortable with reading flowcharts and the likes – so we produce models so that they can quickly see our interpretation of their brief. It’s not unlike using clay to create a model of something more tangible.

But it’s really about delivering accuracy, value and relevance. Our techniques offer our customers immediate access to their vision, accuracy and relevance are built in to our approach, and value is created by the fact that we’ve already started by the time the proposal is delivered.


And we are equally happy sub-contracting. Whilst it is rare for us to act in any advisory capacity to a contractor, we can offer such a service if it is requested. Largely, we spend our time supporting contractors as they pursue their goals, and their clients’ dreams.

When we work for contractors, we are well aware that they know what they are doing: indeed, most have already started their project.

We focus on delivering value, efficiency and timeliness for contractors by offering a no-fuss service that’s dedicated to timely delivery.

We know that a good result for our clients is valuable for us.

Our approach

Chalestra has a unique approach to developing software. For one thing, our design method is largely in modelling. We can quickly put together a software model that can demonstrate a concept, approach or design. This approach is efficient, reviewers get something tangible to see and the approach is time and cost efficient. Chalestra has lots of modelling components to work with.

Our service is bereft of fuss: that’s the only way it can be efficient, and we’re continually commended for it.

We generally charge by the man-hour, thus charging customers no more or less than we need to. Unless we’re told to, we won’t charge the maximum budget you have: that won’t help you. It opens the door to your starting your next project, and, hopefully, you will ask us to help you with that.

We’re flexible. We can change direction on a project at a moments notice. Because of the methodologies we use, we can easily change course on a project. Instead of having to rewrite entire sections, we can simply move things around, withdraw particular items, or add new ones in.

We test everything we do, so that you can be sure that the finished project works as you had envisaged. Frequent testing is vital to ensure a bug free operation of you new software.

We also provide working models at key stages so that you can see that the project is on track: in fact, with some of our customers, we send them the results of our days work every day, so they can test the kit for themselves, and start to put it to use. It means that their culture and vision develop with the project. Any anomalies can be detected early, and we can solve them in our next days work.

Throughout the project, we strive to ensure our customers are happy with the progress of the project. We check that delivery is on time, that value is on track, and that the vision is going to be realised.

We look forward to working with you.

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