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Information Management System, and Management Information Systems

What is an Information Management System?

An Information Management System is essentially a system that process raw data into something of use for management reporting.

The generic view of an information management system is that it is a system that sources its information from other systems, i.e., modules. A large retail business may have its till send data to a particular server. Another system, an information management, system will then process that information to turn into a more compact form.

Management Information Systems

Management information systems, or MIS, sensibly report on all the information available to it, ideally in a comprehensive and intellectual way. They tend to focus on providing managers with information about their business. They come in a variety of styles and provide varying levels of information. They tend to be bespoke systems, are generally difficult to use, and always seem to be under development.

The few retail systems that are available tend to focus on a limited amount of information. Rather than taking information from live activity, managers are required to manually enter information about business activities, which is then turned into a more sophisticated analysis.

Designing and Management Information System

We have never known a company with a bespoke system that has been happy with the system. How effective MIS tend to be related to the experience of the designers. For other systems, the efficiency depends on the quality of the relationship between the business and the designer. Choosing a designer to build a management information system is obviously critical, and such projects are fraught with risks.

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