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How to pitch for business

Opinion: 10 August 2013

One of our our most popular services is our Sales Pitch support line. Chalestra has a reputation for ensuring business critical pitches are successful, and several lines of it have evolved. It's so successful that institutions pay retainers to us so that we are on hand when they need us.

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Small business stock down 40%?

News: 31 July 2013

Chalestra has seen three separate reports over the last two months that suggest that the number of UK small businesses have fallen from 7.5 million in 2006 to 4.5/5 million today, a fall of some 40%. The sources are not verifiable.

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Chalestra helps photography business back to trade

News: 26 July 2013

It has happened to so many businesses over the last few years. Thriving businesses reduced to the brink, or to nothing.

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Reports of businesses downgrading

Blog: 24 July 2013

There have been reports of businesses of all shapes and sizes downgrading and contracting. Until recently, the notion of businesses downsizing was limited to institutions, large businesses and the government. But there is now talk of most businesses downsizing. If true, it has major implications for the economy.

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Chalestra sees debt collection agency back to profits with happy customers

News: 20 July 2013

There is a bad habit with debt collection agencies. It is that they are looking for a fast buck (though who could blame them?). There isn't an honest fast buck to be had these days.

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Working for institutions

News: 15 July 2013

It used to be the case that if you really wanted to get on in life, you would work for an institution, either in the private sector or in government, and get up the ladder fast. There is no doubt the world is changing, but our latest survey suggests an incredible shift in the way people are thinking about the best paths to success.

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Huge summer introductory giveaway on Business Administrator for businesses

News: 29 June 2013

Summer months and business slow? Take advantage of our summer introductory offer for Business Administrator software. Until the end of August, a 1-year licence for Business Administrator is only £50 (+VAT) with voucher code BE567T, and you can still get deals the following year, because we’re always doing deals on licences. The best place to see our deals is on Twitter or Facebook.

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In out referendum 2017

Blog: 24 June 2013

It seems more likely than not that there will be an in/out referendum in 2017, with the Conservatives committing to it, other parties swaying towards it, and UKIP probably wouldn't even have to have a referendum.

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Chalestra releases the Business Administrator software onto the web store.

News: 09 June 2013

We are extending our channel marketing range for the Business Administrator software to make it more accessible and convenient to UK businesses.

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Relying on The Little Institutions

Blog: 26 March 2013

Reports say that the government and major institutions are relying on small businesses to bring the economy back to a so-called recovery. Such a call is not unprecedented. Some say that economic growth is 2.6% in the retail markets: it should be a typical 8%. The UK economy is running short of 1% overall.

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Chalestra's mid-year economic forecast

News: 12 June 2012

At the beginning of the year, Chalestra's forecast for the economy was that the UK would remain on the upside of flat and that the European economy would continue to fall. Six months on, and that is still our forecast. There have been insufficient changes to the domestic economy for businesses to flourish, though we hadn't expected much to change.

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Reversing customer dissatisfaction

Blog: 26 May 2012

Unsatisfied customers can command huge forces against the reputation of a business, or, even, any institution for that matter. But in nearly all cases, it's the fault of management for not responding to customer dissatisfaction.

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