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Building sales pitches

Sales pitches are vital to all businesses. Whether you present through speech, documentation, or a presentation, a pitch is key to getting new customers and clients on board. It’s a cut-throat process, where competitors are equally, if not more, eager to beat you to the start line. And only one wins.

Sales pitches exist in many forms. They could be anything from the way you smile, to a huge advertisement on the TV. They could be a conversation, a letter, a presentation, a web page or an event show. Shops do pitches all the time, with varying degrees of effectiveness, as they present their ware.

The road to winning

But sales pitches are all designed to sell something. And they are designed to get their organisers into poll position on the start line. They are likely to be the only opportunity to pitch to a certain audience at a certain time. And they are the only way to pitch to strangers.

Yet, it seems to us, pitching is the one place where businesses fall, and tolerate the fall. A failed presentation is a loss of customers: you’ve paid for the effort, yet you will receive nothing for it. And there is respect from observers, potential customers, if you win.

The answer to a challenge is always a sales pitch

But sales pitches also have many uses. For example, what happens when your business becomes challenged on information it states? The answer to a challenge is always a sales pitch, yet most people resort to rows, recriminations and personal commenting.

A challenge is always the opportunity for a sales pitch. As the response to thirst is to drink, so the response to a challenge is a sales pitch. It’s a Golden Rule.

Challenges can come thick and fast. It’s important that businesses have a clear vision and sale pitch ready to counter a challenge, which will have the effect of putting the business in a strong light, earn respect, and be able to “broadcast it’s pitch”, possibly earning even more customers.

Demonstrating integrity

And, if you can answer the challenge, it demonstrates to everybody that you have a business of integrity, and it's going long-term. And it is right that, when a customer goes to a supplier, they should be able to ask what they’ll get for their money: they should be able to challenge your products or services.

Missing the point

It is also true that many businesses, in making a sales pitch, fail to state their key points. They answer the questions, yes, but that is not the same as making the statement. Potential customers only listen to statements. They will listen to reason when they’ve asked questions. That’s a reason why a good sales pitch should leave unanswered questions: but which questions?

Controlling the questions

All good communication efforts will be able to control the after effect. Through strong, powerful, well-controlled communications, it is possible to control the questions that get asked afterwards. The questions should lead to a close, and that’s where strategic communications come in.

Particularly difficult sales

Imagine the sales pitches tobacco companies make. There is no way to sell tobacco by making it sound good (that’s a fact), yet they still pitch for tobacco sales.

We won’t walk away just because a job looks impossible.

Strategic communications

Among Chalestra’s clients are some huge international companies. We help them directly to prepare their pitches, pitches they make every day. Particularly, we help them control the communication, and the event. We helped one company sell itself for 1.6x it’s net worth, just through a paper presentation: there was no meeting.

If you’re seeking help in developing powerful sales pitches, you could choose few who are finer in the game than Chalestra: contact us.

Why's it important

Deals can be won on a presentation alone.

People can be forgiven for making mistakes during a live pitch. But there is no excuse for preparing a bad pitch. In addition, a bad pitch is representative of a bad service, and a business that’s failing.

Where would you rather come: first or second? Second, is not even the back-up plan. Contact Chalestra to help improve your pitches.

So why do salesman make pitches?

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