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Chalestra is a business development consultancy, communications consultancy and bespoke software developer.

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Software discounts

Chalestra can offer its customers discounts of up to 75% on software. This will be of tremendous benefit in the current economic crisis, and will mean that customers can save thousands of pounds on keeping their businesses in leading positions.

The net effect is that customers share the cost of developing selected and commonly used pieces of software code. It brings the price down for everyone. It also means that customers can get a quick head start on new projects, reducing the time to completion.

The software isn't of the type you can plug in to your website or application, and go: it needs to be adjusted to fit, which is a lot cheaper than building it from scratch. And it's only available to our customers who employ us to develop their software.

Additionally, the value added is emphasised by the fact that our software is leading technology, which isn't cheap either.

The price of the software is calculated from the cost of making it, divided by the number of times we think we can sell it, plus a little profit. It's a fairly easy sum.

All of our customers are bound to benefit since the range of our software is vast.

Chalestra makes advanced software for businesses that want to spearhead technology to stay at the lead of their industries. It is the leaders that have the most to lose by not investing in their own systems, and by not becoming the inventors of new business methods.

Lately we've been harnessing technologies that allow our customers to become an intricate part of their own customers' processes: the clear difference between supplier and a customer is blurring because of the systems we make.

It’s vital to businesses to develop their software base. It’s particularly vital that they develop their own software because doing so forms part of their uniquity and their identification. It also contributes vastly to their unique selling points: faster delivery, better customer service, better customer access, and a whole range of functions that make them the best in their industries.

Software development enables business. By finding a way to share the expense of building software, Chalestra is helping leaders stay in front.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our software development software service.

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Examples of the systems we can build for your business...
  • Information management systems
  • Information acquisition systems
  • Dedicated security systems
  • Business analysis software
  • Project management software
  • Asset Management software
  • Marketing software
  • Process management systems
  • Data modelling and management
  • Voucher management
  • Business and marketing analytics
  • Dedicated business response systems
  • Security management
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