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Collapse Getting startedGetting started
What is Business Administrator?
What you need to get started
Installing Business Administrator
Other set up options
Upgrading Business Administrator
Troubleshooting installations
Business Administrator security
Collapse Getting to know Business AdministratorGetting to know Business Administrator
Introduction to Business Administrator
Important note on using Business Administrator
Getting Started with Business Administrator
Business Administrators fascia
The multiple business environment
Collapse Business Administrator: FeaturesBusiness Administrator: Features
Fast Contact
Information Search
Media Library
Server Connection
SIC Selector
Strategic Support
The Business
Timesheets Logon
Licensing, networking, and backing up
The Training Database
Collapse About The ManagersAbout The Managers
Introduction to commands
The Managers – a brief overview
Collapse Business Manager: in detailBusiness Manager: in detail
Business policy
Collapse Contact Manager: in detailContact Manager: in detail
Contact Entry
Contact Deletion and Recovery
Manage Duplicate Names
Contact Import
Industry Consolidation
About entering contacts
Collapse Contact Relations Manager: in detailContact Relations Manager: in detail
Build Relationship
Collapse Finance Manager: in detailFinance Manager: in detail
Collapse Asset ReviewAsset Review
Asset Import
Asset Management
Collapse Banking and DebtBanking and Debt
Manage Bank Accounts
Bank Charges
Debt Management
Petty Cash
Cash Book Reconciliation
Consumer Tax Reporting
Tax Payments
Collapse HR Manager: in detailHR Manager: in detail
Personnel Details
Your Payroll
Collapse Project Manager: in detailProject Manager: in detail
Contact Search
Local Areas
New Project
Project Phases
Stealth Marketing Support
Collapse Supply Chain ManagerSupply Chain Manager
Create New Order
Order Stock
SCM Process
Stock Edit
Stock Transfers
Supplier Utilities
Collapse Trade Manager: in detailTrade Manager: in detail
Cash Register
Credit Control Service
Invoice Messages
New Customer Project
Payments Received
Pricing Board
Collapse General discussionsGeneral discussions
Working with timelines
Starting the financial systems
Business Administrator and marketing
Business Administrator and tax
Business Administrator and the law
Collapse General InformationGeneral Information
About this manual
Understanding generator
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Information centre


Business Administrator is a business management system and issues on its use reach much further than the meaning of its commands.

Always bear in mind that Business Administrator holds your business archives: this means that proper use of the system is a pre-requisite, and this Information Centre is designed to help you achieve that.

This Information Centre has a number of sections to provide support from different view points...

Installation and first useprovides information about issues with installing Business Administrator, how to install it, a description of use in the early moments, and a jet fly-past of the software.
Command supportprovides information about each of the commands at manager level, and the implications of them.
Manager supportprovides information on why the managers exist, what their objectives are and how to use them to drive your business
Core systems supportmany systems within Business Administrator and vital to its running don't fit into the normal grouping of things - this section provides support and information on those items
Dialogue supportprovides information on what each of the dialogues do and how best to use them
Business support provides discussions, best practices and examples of how to apply Business Administrator in the business world
Development forumways for you to request development through RFP submission (RFP = request for development) and ideas, as well as news on latest upgrade information.

Quite often, you'll find that each of the sections overlap. We have deliberately provided ways to interconnect them so that you can get as much information as possible, as quickly as possible, and that you have the fastest route to making Business Administrator a successful tool in your business.

We hope you'll find all the information you want about Business Administrator and as effectively as possible. To help develop this, we provide feedback forms across the Information Centre, and would welcome your comments on the systems.