Business Administrator software

Business Administrator:

A modern and stylish system with a vast array of features to help you manage and grow your business.
Business Administrator is a business management powerhouse that possesses unrivalled competence and function.

  • A powerful business management system
  • Hugely capable in all areas of business
  • It’s a live system – it actively helps you run your business
  • Gorgeous interface that's easy to use
  • Free trial, or only £250/year, or £21/month (12 month contract)
  • Business social networking on a business dedicated network
  • No middle office, and very little back office
It's dedicated to doing business...

Apart from powerful engines to drive it, which you’d expect from a business management system, Business Administrator is designed to be functional, and very friendly and easy to use. This combination of qualities is what allows users to work as efficiently as possible.

It has all new controls that are different, and a joy to use.

And it’s fast. Very fast. Business Administrator is able to use your computers sub-systems to process information while you’re busy working on your latest sales pitch.

Apart from providing strategic business management, world class record keeping and business reporting, and business systems usually available only to institutional businesses, Business Administrator also tries to ensure that your staff don’t have to do what computers can do. Business Administrator offers a phenomenal range of business services, which allows people to focus on their core work of pursuing business.

Want to get on with doing business?
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    only £250

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    only £21 per month

    14 day TRIAL
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