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Business Administrator in detail

  • Business Administrator is completely loyal to you and your business
  • As well as seeking opportunities and driving for growth, it also watches over your back office. There is nothing for you to do in the middle office, if you have Business Administrator
  • It offers a number of systems to help you get underway.
    • SpringBoard is for new users, and offers fast access to popular commands wherever they may normally be
    • Strategic support will watch over you, pointing you in the right direction if you go wrong. It will also stay with you forever, helping you keep your business on track and stay focused on achieving for the future
  • Business Administration is a powerful communications tool with systems that support Contact Management and Contact Relations Management
    • Sending eMail and other comms is natural to Business Administrator.
    • If you have phone systems installed on your computer and a phone line attached to it, Business Administrator can dial phone numbers for you.
    • Business Administrator recognises the benefit of IM and VOIP, and can launch third party applications for you
    • BAN messaging is a text messaging system that allows you to communicate with other businesses that have Business Administrator
    • An underlying system (called EDI, for Electronic Data Interchange) allows Business Administrator to communicate with other businesses that also have the software. It's a service that you have to opt into, but it means the software can trade orders and invoices as appropriate, and administer them without your even knowing
  • Business Administrator automates many business processes. For example, if you have stock running low, and your supplier uses Business Administrator, then Supply Chain Manager can reorder stock, request delivery, seek and administer an invoice, and present you with the payment. Finance Manager will then administer the tax for you. When the tax state has been confirmed by your accountant, Business Administrator will remind you when the tax is due to be paid, and it will record it for you. This leaves you with only three things to do - pay the supplier, hand the paperwork to the accountant, then pay the taxman
  • Marketing is also heavily automated, but it's very flexible. Marketing is controlled from Project Manager, which uses templates to create the basis for an array of project types, including Direct Marketing. It's simple to draw contacts into a project, and create a number of phases for each turn of marketing to those contacts. And Project Manager can print letters to those contacts, or email them (note that Business Administrator does have SPAM warnings on it)

A few reasons to have Business Administrator...

  • At less than a pound a day, it's incredibly economical, and is one of the most sophisticated pieces of businesses kit you can get, next to a new suit
  • It has a proven track record of saving time and money, and will show you new opportunities and challenges
  • Get ahead of the competition - once you're on the case, they will stand little chance
  • Business Administrator, though simple to use, is a sophisticated management system, and brings a huge range of skills and systems for you to do business with
  • Explore new business opportunities and contacts with like-minded business people, pure-play business system

A bit about Business Administrator World...

Business Administrator World is a system that resides on the Internet and provides central services to the Business administrator software. In turn, then, it helps the businesses that use it, as well as their owners and staff. It allows businesses to communicate with each other and socialise and trade goods and services.

Read more about Business Administrator World >>

Main functions

  • To provide data and upgrades for Business Administrator
  • To expose products and services for trade
  • To develop contact base by finding network contacts
  • To open electronic communications channels between businesses
  • To provide a pure play [thoroughbred] and wide-ranging business network

Main benefits

  • To allow Business Administrator in different businesses to communicate with each other - note that you must opt into this on a request basis: simply ask Business Administrator to do it for you under Business Manager, Policies
  • Seamless operation and natural fit with the Business Administrator software
  • Use Business Administrator to access the network, thus making Business Administrator World transparent
  • Offers trading and social opportunities across the network
  • Broadcast RFPs across the network to seek products and services
  • Comprehensive electronic trading network means that your computers are actively seeking business

... and the Business Administrator network

The benefits derived from the power of Business Administrator and its relationship with Business Administrator World also brings the Business Administrator network (BAN) to life. The Business Administrator network is the ultimate business network and is available only to those businesses that use Business Administrator. The network allows you socialise, trade, seek advice and support, and generally interact with other businesspeople that are just as serious about business as you.

Product description - key points
  • A sophisticated business management powerhouse designed specifically for SMEs
  • Hi-Tech system offering systems usually available only to very large corporations
  • Countless business processes managed by eight modal managers
  • Natural fit with BAWorld, providing Business Administrator with access to the outside world, data and software upgrades
  • Works straight from the box
  • Two types of licence on offer: Adboard licence (free to use) and Full licence
Critical Missions-key points
  • To cut time and expense of administration and bureaucracy
  • To simplify management processes
  • To gain access to performance management and other facilities open only to large companies
  • Low IT cost
What to expect - the experience
  • Highly desirable, colourful graphical interface
  • High visibility, highly focused, simple-to-use command system
  • Live system with live information feedback through dedicated information bar
  • Highly automated system
Key business features

To carry out the full scope of its work, Business Administrator is laden with state-of-the-art features and facilities.

  • Powerful mass marketing functionality
  • Comprehensive contact management system
  • Your own sophisticated, in-house call centre management system through Contact Relations Management (CRM)
  • Full trading capabilities
  • Full financial management capabilities
  • Live business reporting
  • Automatic administration management systems
  • Supply management systems
  • Point of sale functionality
  • Full onboard barcoding facilities
  • Cash and account management
  • Automatic credit control management
  • Invoicing features dual currency