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Business Administrator licensing

14 day Free Trial licence

A free trial licence allows you to try Business Administrator for 14 days using a full licence and no advertising.

Once the free trial period is up, you can either buy a Full licence, or allow the system to default to an AdBoard licence: AdBoard licences allow advertising to be discreetly shown on your systems.

Download Business
Administrator here…

Business Administrator is available
for all small businesses.

AdBoard licence

An AdBoard licence allows you to use Business Administrator free of charge. Delicate on-screen advertising makes up the price, but you still get full access to every function on Business Administrator.

Note: AdBoard licences are issued on the basis that we have sufficient advertising stock to cover the licence. Current users with expiring full licences have access to AdBoard licences before new users. We won't always be able to offer AdBoard licences to new or existing users.

Download Business
Administrator here…

Business Administrator is available
for all small businesses.

Full licence

Full licences mean that you receive no onscreen advertising, and, generally, have more access to the business network than with any other type of licence.

Important: After registration, we will give you what's known as a BANId and a password (BANId means Business Administrator Network Id).

Licence prices (excludes VAT):
Full licence: £250
Quarter licence: £70
Short licence: £30

More detail on licences>>

The information you provide will be used for no other purpose than for identification and administrative purposes. We do not sell data, and we will not use this information for marketing.

What would you like to do? Note: if you have limited or no access to the Internet, you ought to choose a CD, which will be posted free of charge.
Notes... Further information...

How this works:

  1. Registration – your information will be copied to your Business Administrator database, to save you entering it twice
  2. Payment, if buying a Full licence - note that we do not record card details
  3. Download, if you choose download method - you ought to have BroadBand or ISDN
  4. If you choose to get the software by CD, we will post it to you free of charge

Installation note: During installation, Business Administrator will ask you for a lot of information about you and your business. Remember it is business management software and cannot do without this information.

We recommend you save the download files to disk. Then do Windows Update, install Business Administrator and associated software, then do Windows Update one more time before using Business Administrator.

Further information...

  • Overview of licensing and how to buy licences More>>
  • Troubleshooting installation - what to do if it goes wrong More>>
  • Getting started after installation
  • Doing business with Business Administrator

There is a huge amount of help, support and further information from the Information Centre.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, or better
Internet connection: Broadband or better. It should not be chargeable by time or data transfer. Business Administrator uses Internet connections a lot. It can download large files, but transfers are usually very small.
Processor speed: 800kHz or better
Memory: 100Mb or better for new systems, more for ongoing systems. We recommend you fill it up.
Voice connections: For Business Administrator to make calls on your behalf, a voice modem, or similar, and necessary Windows components.

For businesses outside the UK…

Anyone is welcome to use Business Administrator so long as they have a licence to do so, and where the law, international and otherwise, allows usage of the software.

However, Business Administrator has not yet been designed to work outside of the UK, and is not likely to operate properly or to expectations.

It is unlikely to be fit for purpose, and you are advised against using it. Neither Chalestra Ltd, nor its partners, will take responsibility for any deficiencies or shortcomings, or for the software delivering unfavourable results.