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What have we got for affiliates?

Free trial packs...
We're offering no-obligation trial packs to networking businesses. The packs consist of 5 CDs with 5 brochures.

  • Increase your sales bandwidth
  • Ideal product for recession proofing
  • Mainstream product, or line attachment
  • Repeat business, without you even knowing
  • No major investment required
  • Join our ‘Where to buy Programme’ and get new customers
  • Our marketing and sales campaigns should lead customers to you
  • We provide literature and support free of charge
To get your hands on a trial pack, contact us, and be sure to send your full contact details.

Business networks, of all kinds, are vitally important to us. We are determined to get Business Administrator on display and in use as far as possible.

If you run a business networking service, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

For Business Clubs

  • Club discounts on full licences
  • Profit for the club, year after year

Business clubs provide very important support for small businesses. We can enhance that by offering a state-of-the-art business management suite to club members for preferable discounts.

For Co-operatives

  • Attractive discounts across the co-operative
  • A degree of onsite support
  • Private business networks

Co-operatives are all about doing business together. With Business Administrator, it is possible to link members together across a private network, thus being able to shared agreed, common information that can enhance the way businesses work together.

For Resellers

  • Attractive discounts on bulk purchases
  • Your own branding on the packaging, subject to quantity
  • A licence for you to do your own packaging
  • Automatic repeat business year after year

Resellers are very important to us, and we are prepared to go great lengths in helping you help us to sell Business Administrator.

We’ll even allow you to put your own branding on Business Administrator packaging. Better still, for the right volume purchase, we’ll allow you to make the packaging yourself!

For Business Event Organisers

  • Free licences for event organisers to redistribute
  • Marketing support with an attractive product
  • Stories, photos, press releases, marketing materials

What better way than to promote your event with a Business Administrator giveaway. We are determined to get Business Administrator into more use one way or another, and would quite happily offer you a range of licences to distribute for approved public events.

For Roadshow operators

  • A gorgeous, highly attractive product to boost aesthetics
  • A revolution in business management style to get talked about
  • Valid added interest to attract new and potential customers

In promoting Business Administrator, Chalestra often takes Business Administrator on roadshows to demonstrate Business Administrator to potential customers.