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Keep control of your business

Blog: 19 May 2012

We are at an age when businesses are extremely vulnerable. With more laws than ever before, the highest taxes known for many years, and economies more threatened than ever before, the risks and rewards of running a business are simply planets apart.

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Streamlining of the data management systems in Business Administrator

Blog: 13 May 2012

Business Administrator relies very heavily on data. In fact, that’s all it has go to make any kind of sense of the world. Business Administrator’s biggest task is moving data around.

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Micro charts come to Business Administrator

News: 04 December 2011

Business Administrator now has micro-charts which quickly show you sales and purchases of a selected contact

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Autumn offer – Business Administrator

News: 13 August 2011

Chalestra releases its Autumn 2011 offer of Business Administrator licences with 30% discounts to new customers.

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Chalestra announces Business Administrator licence price rise to £250 per year

News: 14 April 2011

We have held the price of an annual licence for Business Administrator at £200 for over three years. But the time has come to increase it to £250 + VAT a licence a year, which is scheduled for May 1st. With regret, we also have to announce that the AdBoard licence is being withdrawn, as it is simply not performing for the project.

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Mass data saving system

News: 06 October 2010

One of Business Administrator’s key tasks is business administration, obviously. To achieve that goal, it has thousands of objects to check, work with and update, as well as updating items that you request

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Revamped command system

News: 25 September 2010

Business Administrator possesses thousands of user commands. If they were all presented at once, as is the case in most traditional systems, the software would not be usable.

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Chalestra develops contact messaging for emails and letters

News: 18 September 2010

We’ve developed the way in which Business Administrator builds and broadcasts messages to make them simpler, faster and more comprehensive.

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Chalestra designs new file controls for Business Administrator

News: 13 September 2010

Business Administrator uses a lot of file interaction as it runs, some of which requires user interaction. The file selection control has existed for some time, but we’ve now added drag and drop capabilities.

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Business Administrator with powered-up marketing

News: 13 August 2010

Marketing is a vital function of all businesses, but it frequently results in marketeers being bogged down in administrative work. Marketing is an important function that Business Administrator has to offer, and it's just been upgraded.

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Business Administrator gets file drag and drop

News: 06 August 2010

Whether you want to import a marketing list or add attachments to an email, simply dragging those files onto the new control will allow Business Administrator to gather that information and use it.

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Credit notes get silence treatment

News: 19 July 2010

The scenario can happen in a hostile relationship. Hostile relationships happen a lot in business, particularly when one of the businesses is in trouble, and starts to argue points that aren't valid, for example. It also happens as one of the businesses starts to fail, a frequent event in the current financial climate.

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