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Register for a Business Administrator licence

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  • We do not record credit/debit card information on any of our sites
  • Your contact details (if present) are taken from the information you have recorded in Business Administrator
  • Once you have bought your licences, start Business Administrator (if it’s not already running) and it will download the licences for you
  • We use PayPal for card transactions: you don’t need an account with PayPal – just a credit/debit card
  • We also accept other forms of payment: we recommend you install Business Administrator using a Free Trial or AdBoard licence, and then contact us
  • Once your purchase is complete, we will send you a BANId and password by email. The BANId and password are unique and allow you to log on to Business Administrator World, which manages the licences for you. Both are very important
  • Your email address is necessary for identification purposes, and to send a confirmation. It will not be used for any other purpose


According to the terms and conditions of using Business Administrator, you can use the software freely if you have sufficient licences to use it.

  • Largely speaking, you need one licence for each computer on which the software is open
  • One person can have the software open on 2 computers provided they have 2 licences
  • As a guideline, most business will need sufficient licences to cater for one third of their personnel

Licence types

There are three types of licences

  • Trial licence: these are on offer to businesses who are using Business Administrator for the first time
  • AdBoard licences: this type of licence is free, but advertising will be placed in discrete locations. These licences are applied automatically whenever you have insufficient licences, and they are self-renewing
  • Full licences: these are paid for licences, usually with a 12 month life
Volume pricing This does not apply to vouchers...
VolumePrice each
10 or more£150


System requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, or better
Internet connection: Broadband or better. It should not be chargeable by time or data transfer. Business Administrator uses Internet connections a lot. It can download large files, but transfers are usually very small.
Processor speed: 800kHz or better
Memory: 100Mb or better for new systems, more for ongoing systems. We recommend you fill it up.
Voice connections: For Business Administrator to make calls on your behalf, a voice modem, or similar, and necessary Windows components.

For businesses outside the UK…

Anyone is welcome to use Business Administrator so long as they have a licence to do so, and where the law, international and otherwise, allows usage of the software.

However, Business Administrator has not yet been designed to work outside of the UK, and is not likely to operate properly or to expectations.

It is unlikely to be fit for purpose, and you are advised against using it. Neither Chalestra Ltd, nor its partners, will take responsibility for any deficiencies or shortcomings, or for the software delivering unfavourable results.