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Welcome to Business Administrator:
business management for small business

A modern and stylish system with a vast array of features to help you manage and grow your business. Business Administrator is a business management powerhouse that possesses unrivalled competence and function.

But what is Business Administrator?

Imagine, one single system that makes your business digital, just by doing what you already do…

… then understands your digital business…

… and reports what that looks like to you, live.

You would know what your business is doing, in real time, and all the home truths that come with it. You would know how to make the business better. And you would know if it was going wrong, and what to do.

Imagine, no middle office, and little back office…

… no paperwork! Not having to do sums in the middle of the night.

… knowing the true state of finances at a moments notice

And it covers all of your business – not just bits of it. It’s not a tool: It’s hundreds of tools. It’s a living system that lives with your business.

Why get Business Administrator?

Business Administrator is the easy to use business management solution for businesses of all sizes. But what can Business Administrator do for you?

Cut costs in time and expense in administration, and turn the savings into business investment

Bring experience and skills to your business, to develop the professionalism and save your time

Cut your workload, and pursue more profitable tasks

End-to-end processes, that tell the system something has happened and it fills in the detail

Identify of strengths and weaknesses, to make you business stronger, healthier and more reliable

Mapping of profit lines, so that you can clearly recognise how you make profit, and improve it

Live reporting systems, to discover your business opportunities and develop them

Business discovery, as you analyse your most important markets with real answers

Vast business expansion capabilities, with clear and co-ordinated focus

Marketing development and response systems, for making faster marketing and response management techniques

It's designed for serious, profitable businesses.

Business Administrator will particularly appeal to businesses that are forward thinking, love technology, and that want to be powerful enough to match the big boys.

It is designed for those that want to bring serious power to their businesses with tools that save time and costs, cut bureaucracy, manage the backend office, and drive to seek and capture opportunities.

Screenshot of Business Administrator

What you can do...

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Essential costs (excludes VAT):
Full licence (annual): £250
AdBoard licence: Free
Support services...
Remote installation helpFree
On-site support (UK only)£80/hour
Business consulting£150
Premier (per month)£80
Stock/service list exposure (per annum)£1,000
Business networkFree
System requirements: Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP2, Vista
Buy a licence:
Buy Business Administrator Buy a full licence and start building benefits for your growing business.
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It's about getting the job done...
Progress bars in Business Administrator.

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