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Buying Business Administrator in bulk.

We’re looking for distributors and wholesalers to help or take over distributing Business Administrator to every region in the UK.

Distributors and wholesalers

Whether you want to specialise in this project, or add it as a new line, is fine with us. Because Business Administrator is unique, there’s a vast untapped market for the kit, and handsome profits to be made.

We can offer a vast range of options, to fit with those that want to control risk, to those that like to dive in the deep end. The more you can take off us, the greater the discounts.

Repeat business

Don’t forget that Business Administrator is on an annual licence. Sell the software once, and you’ll still get the same commission the following year when your customer comes to renew, whether at our website or yours. That happens year after year. And it happens because we try to link your account with your customer.

And if they buy more licences as they grow, so you’ll get the commission on that too. And it’s the same with any products we sell them that are related to Business Administrator.

It continues so long as your business remains the same business.

The Business Administrator software has been going for ten years now, so it is not a fly-by-the-night product. It will be here at least for the next ten years, offering you a sustainable, and better, income.

Sales support

We’re willing to provide whatever is needed to support the sales process at our own costs.

Customer support

We support your customer through a variety of channels. There is nothing for you to do in ensuring your customers have absolute satisfaction.


We are continually marketing this product. We are not against you adding to marketing, though you do so at your own cost, and with our approval (we’ve never disapproved of anything yet!). If you need to put your own branding on the packaging, just let us know.

Regional sales

We would prefer the idea of a variety of companies selling Business Administrator – it creates less risk for us. And we like the idea of each managing their own region. If that happens, we can ensure that you’ll have no competition, though you must achieve sufficient targets for that region.

What next?

Please contact us to discus options.