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How resellers and computer makers profit from selling Business Administrator software

Business networks, of all kinds, are vitally important to us. Resellers and manufacturers can increase their business by reselling Business Administrator software.

  • Attractive discounts on bulk purchases
  • Your own branding on the packaging, subject to quantity
  • A licence for you to do your own packaging
  • Automatic repeat business year after year
  • Free sample packs to test the waters

Chalestra already has a tremendous brand, and it is growing everyday. Business Administrator is Chalestra’s flagship product, it is a business management and administration system, and it offers businesses a huge array of benefits.

Business Administrator is ahead of its time. The potential for serious resellers to take on this product is virtually unlimited. Certainly, in a passive sense, it is still a very profitable line for resellers to have.

Chalestra engages in all forms of marketing, including social media, to promote Business Administrator, and offers resellers unlimited marketing support.

For Resellers

Resellers ought to sell Business Administrator software. The software is one of the most powerful tools available to small businesses. The market is currently untapped for such software, and early engagers will be able to harness a huge market.

For computer makers

There is no doubt that you will want to add value to the packages you sell. Business Administrator offers your customers a powerful system that will actively help drive their businesses. To keep the price of your products down, we can offer Business Administrator for free on installing machines for resale. For an agreed markup, we can offer you the income of renewals and new sales as they happen, allow you to generate much more cash from your sales.

Cash regeneration

Business Administrator is sold as an annual licence. As your customers businesses grow, they will have to buy more licences. And, every year, they will have to renew those licences. When, and whichever, they do, we will send you the agreed markup for each licence that’s sold. That’s a three-pronged income line.


We can support resellers doing deep marketing to their local community.

We can even put your own branding on Business Administrator packaging. Better still, for the right volume purchase, we’ll help you to make the packaging yourself!

Free trial packs...
We're offering no-obligation trial packs to networking businesses. The packs consist of 5 CDs with 5 brochures.

  • Increase your sales bandwidth
  • Ideal product for recession proofing
  • Mainstream product, or line attachment
  • Repeat business, without you even knowing
  • No major investment required
  • Join our ‘Where to buy Programme’ and get new customers
  • Our marketing and sales campaigns should lead customers to you
  • We provide literature and support free of charge
To get your hands on a trial pack, contact us, and be sure to send your full contact details.