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20 benefits of Business Administrator

As with any product, we had always intended to provide the top 10 benefits. But they just kept coming.

Though there are countless more still, here are 20...

1 Less time spent at the office doing administration and bureaucracy
2 Easy-to-use system cuts down on HR costs
3 Simple, end-to-end processes to save further costs
4 Turn administrative work over faster
5 Live reporting ensures decisions are relevant and timely
6 Easy-to-use interface to ensure low-cost training
7 Fast reporting ensures tax accounting drag is minimal
8 Project management to help reduce organisational costs
9 Wide range of skills, experience and best practices bought to all users
10 8 Managers to make the system easy to use
11 Inherent ability to communicate and work with other businesses
12 Easily control what information staff can see and what systems they can use
13 Managed licence system ensures your system never stops, even if you forget to keep licences up to date
14 Ability to discover your best markets through business reporting
15 Find new ways of trading and expanding your own market
16 Global increase in value and competence
17 Enter information once regime - Business Administrator actively tries to prevent duplication
18 Powerful on-board facilities, including PoS, mass-marketing, account management, multiple currency invoicing, sales desk tools and personnel management
19 Virtually zero IT cost
20 Advanced CRM and SCM systems to make life easy