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Business Administrator offers: totally risk-free trials

From time to time, we make offers on our products and services to allow customers to make well-informed decisions. We don believe businesses will like Business Administrator, and we’re willing to let them play with the software before they buy.

Note: There is no risk in using our software. Details we take are for the single purpose of managing the Network. We will not market to you, nor give your details to anyone else. And if, by chance, you no longer want to use the software, you will not hear from us again.

Option 1) A 14-day trial

A 14-day licence offers you the chance to have a look around Business Administrator without having to pay for a licence, or receive advertising. When the time is up, the licence will automatically change to an AdBoard licence, or you can upgrade to a full licence. No registration is needed unless you want to join the Network.

Option 2) An AdBoard licence

You don't have to register your details with an AdBoard licence. You can upgrade to a full licence any time you want.

Option 3) Buy a full licence

We're offering you chance to try Business Administrator for free. A quarter licence is a 3-month licence, and we’re offering them free of charge for the time being.

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Brochure: Download the product brochure
The latest full-colour product brochure offers a powerful overview of the software.
For a print copy, please contact us.
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A wealth of business benefits...

  • A fast high-tech, state-of-the-art system
  • A business management powerhouse
  • On-board networking and automatic trading systems
  • A truly global system covers every area of a business
  • An attractive, easy to use system
  • A wealth of direct business benefits
    • Save time and costs
    • Reduce administration
    • Find customers quickly
    • Advanced CRM, contact management, marketing and project management services
    • Finance management, HR management and supply chain management
  • Expose stock and service lists to find new customers
  • Business networking: discover local businesses, and new customers
  • Broadcast requests for pitch, if you're a buyer
  • Benchmark against peers

Let Business Administrator do the hard work!