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Pay for it – don’t pay for it: a new licence for Business Administrator

We’ve developed the licensing system for use of Business Administrator. Like any powerful software, Business Administrator has to be paid for – that’s reasonable: it is an expensive machine. But with our licensing structure, users don’t have to pay for it: they can get it for free.

At £200 a licence, we think that Business Administrator is excellent value for money. But in a deepening recession, and one that’s likely to last beyond the next general election, we are well aware that businesses don’t want to take on more costs. To accommodate that, we have found a way that will allow business of all shapes and sizes to use Business Administrator freely.

In fact, we know that businesses are desperately trying to save costs: they can save costs by using Business Administrator freely, and they can save costs by using Business Administrator to save further costs. Business Administrator has proven that it can save money for businesses.

For those that don’t wish to pay to use it, we simply require that they allow advertising on board. There will be only one quality, useful advertisement at any one time, and it will be a static, silent advertisement. By doing this, we can ask advertisers to pay.

For those that do want to pay, there will no advertising.

And advertisers will be happy. They get a decent sized, standalone advertisement that offers their wares to users of Business Administrator. And it’s better than sensibly priced.

And Business Administrator still gets paid for. We’re happy. And we can still develop Business Administrator and bring users the functionality that will help them develop their businesses and provide an experience that’s second to none.

No business has no reason to use Business Administrator. Download Business Administrator now.

The Full licence Benefits and cons

The full licence is the real power behind Business Administrator. It gives you access to all the facilities, means you can use Business Administrator whenever you like, and that you will have no interruption from us.

  • Always operational
  • No interruption from us
  • Licenses are annual
  • Excellent option for Pay-As-You-Go Internet connections
The AdBoard licence (free)

The AdBoard licence doesn't cost anything to buy. But it means that you will have advertising on some areas of your system. You get full access to all facilities, but your Internet connection must be working. If it's not working, Business Administrator won't be able to work. Providing ads under the AdBoard licence is the way Business Administrator gets paid for. The ads will not affect the way you system works, other than slowing it a little. And you can upgrade to a full licence at any time.

You should note that use of an AdBoards license may cost in data transfer charges from your ISP supplier, and may present network bandwidth implications.

  • Free to buy
  • Full access to system
  • No interruption from us
  • Internet connection must be working
  • Put up with ads
  • Unsuitable for Pay-As-You-Go Internet connections

Note: to get full use of the system for your business, we recommend that you acquire enough licences for two thirds of your personnel count. In the case of the AdBoards licence, Business Administrator will automatically acquire them if it has an Internet connection.