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About Business Administrator World

BAWorld, Business Administrator World, is the engine that supports Business Administrator as it offers business support services. It provides centralisation, data, upgrade services, licensing services and software distribution.

It is also Business Administrators main connection to the outside world, because that's where business happens, and a liaison vehicle with other businesses that generally have Business Administrator.

BAWorld is the key, and central, component of the Business Administrator network, which allows all Business Administrators, across all businesses that use it, to work together.

The business world is about how businesses interact. The only possible way Business Administrator could get information about other businesses, what their activities are, and what they do is through BAWorld.

Huge benefits from Business Administrator World...
Triple pronged function
  • People use it
  • Computers use it
  • Designed to do physical trade - not just talk about it
Get use of one of the best business kit...
... on one of the most productive business networks.

Ask Business Administrator to find out who you're local community is - look for Messaging (in green) on the Command Bar.

Business network...

Because Business Administrator World is an electronic network, it knows who everybody is: it’s the host of the party. The network is free to businesses that have Business Administrator, and it offers the chance to make contact with other businesses, and to send messages to each other, all in the name of doing business.

The business network is unique. Rather than being an arbitrary communications platform, this network is hard-core business, to the point, tangible and relative, and very, very focused on doing business.

Messaging services...

BAWorld also provides fast, electronic messaging services for Business Administrator and the people that use it. Given what Business Administrator is, it's not unreasonable to think that Business Administrators systems should be able to communicate with each other across the network to trade invoices, orders, RFPs and the likes. We have extended this communication system to allow humans, using Business Administrator, to communicate across the network, and, in addition, trade files that are too large to be sent by other electronic means. Business Administrators capability to send large files exists because the data files it trades can be huge.

Key objective...

The objective of BAWorld is to support Business Administrator and to provide our customers with as many benefits as possible from the systems we have, and to provide as much added value as is conceivably possible.

Internet connection is a must...

It comes to pass, then, that BAWorld is a part of the Business Administrator system, and is the key reason why you should provide Business Administrator with an Internet connection when Business Administrator is running. Having said that, and with the exception of the AdBoards licence, we should say that Business Administrator will run without an Internet connection: the downside to that is that your data may become out of date.

Privacy management...

We should also say that neither Business Administrator nor BAWorld will give away private information unless they have your permission: remember Business Administrators' loyalties are to you. Where private information is used it is assigned anonymously: it is given a unique code and there is no way that anyone, bar the developers, can connect your information with you. Further, your own information is not useful to the Business Administrator network: it is bundled with others when published. An example is seen when an analysis of your industry is made, when the information is bundled with other businesses to build trends.