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Troubleshooting installations

From an IT point of view, Business Administrator is designed to take care of itself. After all, if it can't handle its presence on computers, you couldn't very well ask it to help you with your business.

Business Administrator is at its most vulnerable during installation. This is because it relies heavily on the Windows subsystem, and the Windows components that Business Administrator needs are not always present. It depends on what you've been doing with your computer.

The key components that Business Administrator relies on areā€¦

  • Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) offers systems where Business Administrator can access data from a variety of sources through the Windows subsystem. This should already be installed on computers running Windows 2000 and above, which are required to run Business Administrator.
  • .NET Framework is the system that provides Business Administrator with many of the components on which it runs.

In all cases, we advise that you run Windows Update before and after installing Business Administrator.

What the errors mean...

State of Windows

Cause - Windows is not up to date
Visit to bring Windows up to date. You may have to do several runs of this to make Windows completely up to date.

The latter applies to Windows 2000 only, and means that Business Administrator is unable to create shortcuts to the program. You can continue, if you like, but you will have to create the shortcuts to the program yourself.

Microsoft .Net installation

Cause - installation from CD
Microsoft .Net failed to install. You can install it manually be running dotnetfx.exe from the Support folder on the CD. Then, start the installation process again. This usually applies to Windows 2000 only.

Cause - installation from Internet
You will have to download and install Microsoft .Net. Then, start the installation process again.

Microsoft Data Access installation

Cause - installation from CD
Business Administrator has detected that you have data access, but did not realise it was the wrong version. It can be installed by running mdac_typ.exe from the Support folder on the CD.

Cause - installation from Internet
For the same reason, you will have to download and install Microsoft Data Access Components.