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Business Administrator with powered-up marketing

Marketing is a vital function of all businesses, but it frequently results in marketeers being bogged down in administrative work. Marketing is an important function that Business Administrator has to offer, and it's just been upgraded.

Marketing is of huge importance to small businesses, and the process naturally exposes people that pursue it to huge levels of loss of confidence: marketing is often performed by people who are largely inexperienced at conventional marketing.

But Business Administrator is an administrative management system. Given that marketing can be the biggest headache next to bureaucracy, Business Administrator ought to have a system on that can help with marketing.

In fact, it possesses a suite of tools to indulge in both general marketing and mass marketing.

For the recent release, we've focused on making mass marketing simpler and faster. In redeveloping the system, our key objective was to make the whole process as simple and fast as possible.

We have no doubts that some functions are set up by default: for example, stationery, which is needed for creating invoices, and other items, will have already been set up. In all probability.

Nevertheless, we set the goals high. The game was to develop the system so that a no holes-barred run of a typical marketing process could be run with a contact list of 1,000 contacts and a pre-prepared letter. It had to be executed for both eMail and terrestrial mail. The exceptions were that packaging didn't have to done: nor did mailing.

We achieved it. In fact, we can now execute a run to 1,800 contacts in an hour. The email run was less than half of that.

There have been numerous enhancements to other general marketing processes using the same philosophy: namely in making them easier and faster to use.

Until now, Business Administrator relied on marketing with text-based material. Now, Business Administrator can import rtf and html files. Html files are used only for eMails.

Field codes have also been added. Until now, you'd have to put all the components in different fields of the database: that's now all but gone. Now you simply place your cursor in the body text and click the relevant field code. Business Administrator will replace those field codes when it does the marketing run.

Good marketing campaigns are rarely made of a massive run of literature or emails: the best ones are made up of many smaller runs to a properly targeted audience using a variety of media. Business Administrator uses phases in projects, and is therefore ideal for multiple marketing runs: as one run is finished, the contacts are moved to the next phase ready for the next run. In addition, you can change the format of the following phases; for example, from correspondence to telephone follow up.

Business Administrator's marketing processes are heavily linked in to the CRM system, the Contact Management system and the messaging systems. It means that leads returned from a marketing exercise can easily and quickly be recorded and followed up.

Marketing is critical for gaining new contacts, gaining new business and achieving successful deals. The best marketing results are usually gained a comprehensive marketing exercise, involving all forms of communication over a naturally evolving plan. Again, Business Administrator's project phases are adept at creating a natural marketing exercise.

What transpires, then, is a powerful marketing system with natural support from CRM, contact management and CRM, using all forms of communication. It is easy to use, yet sophisticated, and geared to drive a marketing exercise to delivering new customers and driving more sales from existing ones.

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