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Credit notes get silence treatment

The scenario can happen in a hostile relationship. Hostile relationships happen a lot in business, particularly when one of the businesses is in trouble, and starts to argue points that aren't valid, for example. It also happens as one of the businesses starts to fail, a frequent event in the current financial climate.

You could spend the time arguing the case, but is there much point in spending that time on an issue that's not going to survive long anyway.

It is often far more economical to simply raise a credit note and be done with it, particularly if the amount involved is small.

But most trading systems will send a credit note to the other business, especially on EDI-rigged systems, allowing them to feel that they've won the day.

What's called for is the Silent Credit Note. The notion is that the system will allow a credit note to be raised, but will not allow it any reference of it be sent to a customer - the system will simply mark the credit note as being accepted into the accounts and that will be the end ot it. It will still appear in all forms of reporting, and in any tax returns.

Business Administrator now offers Silent Credit Notes.

To raise a Silent Credit Note, simply request it when raising a credit note. The credit note facility can be found in Trade Manager, select a customer, select View Customer Account from the Command Bar, select an invoice, then select Raise Credit Note. Among the Q&A, you'll see the question Silent Credit Note? You'll also have to give an explanation as to why you're keeping it silent, as well as the reason for the credit note.

You will see the credit note in the customers account when you close the form, but no credit note details will be sent to the customer.

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